OK, the title of this post is a joke… As an EU national I have no more hope to influence the result of this election than good old Galen’s ghost anyway. No vote, no say on this national consultation; and if I spoke about my contribution to British society over the past twelve years, no one except a few liberal Britons already determined to vote Remain would approve or be convinced. So strong is the tide of resentment against us immigrants that no reasonable argument seems to reach the Leave camp. So ambivalent are the feelings of even some of our co-workers, that we don’t even dare to speak (or scream, for that matter!).
I have left unanswered calls from local campaigners to join them in the fight for Remain, because I feel too angry and depressed at this whole masquerade to even try and help. This is how bad it has got, Britain. This is how hostile it feels. Let’s get over this quickly, please! I can’t stand it any more, and I think many immigrants, educated and not, European and not, citizens of the world, feel the same.