Some of my work in progress, either in the form of books or articles.


Antiquity and its Legacy: Medicine, I. B. Tauris (under contract: scheduled for 2020)

Pseudo-Galenic Texts and the Formation of the Galenic Corpus (ed.), Warburg Colloquia series (with S.C.R. Swain and K.-D. Fischer)

Rethinking Ancient Pharmacology. The transmission and interpretation of Galen’s treatise On simple drugs, (ed), with Matteo Martelli and Lucia Raggetti


‘Symphorien Champier (1471-1539) et Galien: Médecine et littérature à la Renaissance’, to appear in C. La Charité & R. Menini eds., La médecine au temps de Rabelais (submitted to editors)

La tradition du livre VI des Simples de Galien‘ to appear in the proceedings of a conference held in Procida (ecdotica dei testi medici greci)