Revisiting Medical Humanism in Renaissance Europe, special issue of Arts et Savoirs 15, 2021

Pseudo-Galenica. The Formation of the Galenic Corpus from Antiquity to the Renaissance, Warburg Colloquia 34, London 2021 (with Simon Swain and Klaus-Dietrich Fischer)

Galen’s Treatise On Simple Drugs: Intepretation and Transmission, special issue of Archives Internationales d’Histoire des Sciences (with Matteo Martelli and Lucia Raggetti), 2020

OUT IN 2018:

Galien de Pergame ou la rhétorique de la Providence. Médecine, littérature et pouvoir à Rome, Leiden, Brill, Mnemosyne Supplements series n. 420, 27 Sept. 2018

Galen’s De indolentia in Context. A Tale of Resilience, Leiden, Brill, Studies in Ancient Medicine series n. 52, 13 Dec. 2018

Recently published (and open access):

Galen, Pharmacology and the Boundaries of Medicine‘ in L. Lehmhaus & M. Martelli (eds), Collecting Recipes. Byzantine & Jewish Pharmacology in Dialogue, 2017, 51-80

Rhétorique et médecine: Le De elementis ex Hippocratis sententia de Galien‘, in Aitia 7.2, 2017 (electronic journal)

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My critical edition of the Pseudo-Galenic Introductio sive medicus (with French translation, introduction and notes) is available here.

I translated several texts in Patrick Dandrey’s Anthologie de l’Humeur Noire.