Upcoming talks, lectures, conference papers:

26-29 July 2017, ‘Galen and the elusive rhetorical space’

ISHR biennial conference, London, UK

29 June 2017: ‘Symphorien Champier (1471-1539), Galen, and the Italian Medical Heritage’

SIS, Hull university

19 June 2017: ‘The Reception of Galen in the Renaissance: Problems & Prospects’

Conference on Greek Studies in 15-16th century Europe: Future research perspectives, Oxford

26-29 April 2017: ‘Pieces of Human Flesh: Xenocrates of Aphrodisias and Galen’

Classical Association annual conference, University of Kent, UK

19 April 2017: ‘Symphorien Champier and the early reception of Galen in Renaissance Europe’

Johns Hopkins University (GRLL & Classics)

18 April 2017: ‘Is dung ever acceptable as a remedy? New light on early rationalisation of “folk” and “popular” medicine’

Johns Hopkins University (history of medicine)

2-5 April 2017: ‘Pieces of Human Flesh: Xenocrates of Aphrodisias and Galen’

LAR conference, Eisenach, Germany

15 March 2017: ‘Reading Galen in the Middle Ages: Stalking the Corpus’

Social Studies of Medicine + McGill Medievalists seminar, McGill University, Montreal, Canada

9-10 March 2017: ‘Making sense of the medical tradition: Galen on amulets and other borderline remedies’

Symposium: The Art and Science of Healing: from Antiquity to the Renaissance, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA